Every self-conscious act or utterance imagines itself the kiss of creator and created, structure and event, langue and parole, competence and performance (but which is which?) And there is anxiety; is this the kiss of my lover, or of Judas; does it wake me, or am I forever dream(t/ing)/betray(ing/ed)? All too often I sense that it’s the kiss of Midas the necrophiliac. None of this is new, but it overtures our interrogation of our tribalisms, our alliances and oppositions and, as such, it is one of several points of departure, which is to say, points of entry into our discourse, where it functions also as a semantic shibboleth. Once under way, we may look around for alternatives. Halliday and Mathiessen (2004), for example, introduce the relationship between climate and weather as a metaphor for that between linguistic system and linguistic text. This is fine, so long as we recognise that system and text are already seeds of doubt for the faithless Orpheus.
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