Interpretation is the application of scientia to poiesis, or the effort to elucidate one discourse form in terms of another. Furthermore, the effort is not directed toward establishing general rules of laws but toward explaining a unitary, indeed a unique, phenomenon. A doubled gap thus emerges through the interpretive process itself, and it is the necessary presence of this gap that shapes della Volpe's critical thought. We may usefully recall here that when poets and artists use imaginative forms to interpret other such forms, they pay homage to this gap by throwing it into relief.' (McGann, 2001; 127)
  1. Rajasthan

  2. sociocultural

  3. Japan girls

  4. Sadako

  5. A-bomb dome

  6. scientia/poiesis

  7. text analysis

  8. Manzoni

  9. Whiteread

  10. Authority

  11. Dynamics

  12. Liberals