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Sociological Theory
My research interests concern the recontextualising of practices between sociologically differentiated contexts (for example, between domestic and school contexts, or between teacher education and school) and in the production and reproduction of subjectivity in texts and in interaction.

This involves the development and deployment of a general methodological orientation which I refer to as constructive description within which I have developed a theoretically coherent sociological 'organisational language', referred to as social activity theory.

This work is available in my book, The Sociology of Mathematics Education: Mathematical Myths/Pedagogic Texts (London, Falmer, 1998).

Pedagogy and Exchange
My empirical focuses have included the analysis of pedagogic and other texts and observationals. I work with closed texts of various kinds (from Byzantine paintings to school mathematics textbooks) and more open texts such as classroom interactions, monuments and heritage sites and edutainment sites more generally. Theoretically, I am concerned with the resolution of these texts and sites in terms of modes of author/audience relations and modes of practice; see my working paper, 'Social Activity Theory' as well as other more recent papers on this site.

Information & Communications Technology
I am interested in the development of ICT from both research and pedagogic perspectives and in research apprenticeship.

Research Methods
Together with Andrew Brown I have developed a research methods programme which we have taught in various parts of the world. We have also published a book, Doing Research/Reading Research: A Mode of Interrogation for Education (London, Falmer Press, 1998), a second edition is now in preparation. Also in preparation is Brown, A.J., Bryman, A. & Dowling, P.C. (in press). Educational Research Methods. Oxford: OUP.

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