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Current Research Students (including completions from 2004)

Darryll Bravenboer (PhD, successfully completed, January 2009)
Commodification and the official discourse of Higher Education. (Co-supervised with Graham Haydon).
Jeremy Burke (PhD)
An analysis of pedagogic texts in secondary mathematics and modern foreign languages.
Soh-young Chung (PhD, successfully completed, August 2009)
The crafting of crisis: a sociological analysis of the "cultural studies paradigm shift" in literary studies
Stephen Colwell (EdD)
The pedagogic recontextualisation of media production
Rod Cunningham (EdD, successfully completed 2004)
An exploration of the potential of complexity theory for addressing the limitations of current models of change and innovation in educational practice.
Russell Dudley-Smith (PhD, successfully completed June 2015)
Continuities and Discontinuities in the Formation, Stabilisation and Destabilisation of Three Elite School Identities in Relation to Global Change: a Social Activity Method interrogation of the socio-historical emergences of personhood invoked by a school ritual, a combat sport and an A-level discipline.
Jaamiah Galant (IoE Sub-Sahara Centenary scholarship, PhD)
The production of university knowledge.
Heidi Jacobsen (PhD)
Sociology of English: writing and feedback as social action in a wiki environment
Natacha Kennedy (PhD)
Young transgender people's identity strategies
Dermot Kelly (PhD)
The contextualising and recontextualising of management discourse.
Yuko Kitamura (PhD)
Ganokendra and women's education in Bangladesh
Kanako Kusanagi (PhD)
Japanese lesson study in an Indonesian school
Arthur Male (PhD)
Experiments in knowledge creation
Jo Metivier (PhD)
Authority and the canon in fiction writers’ texts: a study of online fan fiction and creative writing.
Maria Antonieta de Mucha (PhD
Mathematics education in rural and urban Mexico

Mary Rees (EdD)
Teacher educators and professional confidence
Irene Yueh Lin Tu (PhD)
Young adults learning to dress in Taiwan
Christine Watson (PhD)
How independent are independent schools?
Natasha Whiteman(ESRC Studentship, PhD, successfully completed February 2007)
The Establishment, Maintenance and Destabilisation of Fandom: A study of two online communities and an exploration of issues pertaining to internet research.'