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investigating research MA module

Conceptualising and Designing Research

Coursework for the MA Module Investigating Research

Coursework for the MA module:
Research & Development in Information and Communication Technology in Education

Critical review of: Warschauer, M. (1996). Comparing face-to-face and electronic discussion in the second language classroom. CALICO journal 13(2), 7-26 [Review by Maria Fountana]

A critical review of 'Comparing face-to-face and electronic discussion in the second langauge classroom' by Mark Warschauer. CALICO Journal. 3(2). pp. 7-16. [Review by Kimiko Takase]

A critical review of 'To see a painting versus to walk in a painting: |An experiment on sense-making through virtual reality' by A. Antonietti & M. Cantoia. Computers and Education. 34 (2000). pp. 213-223 [Review by Dr Carissa Young]

A critical summary of 'Using situated learning and multimedia to investigate higher order thinking' (Herrington & Oliver [Review by Colin McCarty]

The microworld of Phoenix Quest: Social and cognitive considerations [Review by Zaeem Maqsood]

Coursework for the MA module:
Research Methods in Media & Cultural Studies

A critical review of Theresa Belton's ‘The ‘Face at the Window Study’: a fresh approach to media influence and to investigating the influence of television and videos on children’s imagination.’ [Review by Jane Anthony]

Review: Liebes, T. and Katz, E. (1989). On the Critical Abilities of Television Viewers [Review by Soh-young Chung]

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